Artisan Raw Bakery Stockholm



About the Team:

Oksana Creutz // Partner and Creative Director.

After working in Marketing and Banking for more than a decade, Oksana decided finally to pursue her real passion turning her dream into her job! Her project started as an Instagram account, really more like a hobby, but it quickly evolved and soon turned into a growing business. 

"My only ambition was to find a job which would allow me to create raw and delicious cakes, but with my background that was not easy so after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to find myself a job within the field I decided to create my own opportunity by starting up my own business. This was my way to get in and proving myself; gaining some respect from people within the field; and no I am not looking for a job any more! I am living my dream right now; going to the kitchen every morning does not feel like work, it excites me”

Fredrik Nilsson // Partner and Managing Director

Been in the food business for over 20 years, started as cold-kitchen chef and worked around in many different restaurant and café businesses. A frequent visitor of food fairs and always looking for latest trends for food industry. Last couple of years mainly as a product developer and also CEO at a food & bakery company. Along side that also owner of a Rawfood company that produce balls and bars for mainly food-chain customers.

“My vision is to share our creative and seasonal products to more fika customers that have chosen a lifestyle that is without unnecessary refined sugar, gluten and additives”


Artisan Raw Bakery Stockholm AB is certified organic SE-EKO-06 and IP-livsmedel