Artisan Raw Bakery Stockholm

Our Clients

Artisan Raw Bakery is specializes in making raw and vegan cakes and bliss balls made from ingredients that are naturally free from gluten and dairy. Our products can be found in many different sale spots all over Scandinavia. Our main clients are food chain customers that we produce mainly custom made for. We have been supplier for many years to Waynes Coffee, Naked Juice Bar, Blueberry Lifestyle, Johan & Nyström and Spotify HQ. We also work with different distributors for some of the products and supply many different coffee shops all around Stockholm and Gothenburg area.

Since we moved to our new factory we also bought us a freeze car that runs on Biogas and we do a lot of deliveries to direct catering customers and many other direct sales coffee shop places and yoga places & office places.

We are registered IP-Livsmedel and Organic Certified with SE- EKO-06